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Good Day,

Welcome to my blog. I am starting this to write out my experiences as a developer and what I experience outside of my work as a developer.

The format I decided to write this in is that of an email. I write emails everyday so it is a format that I am comfortable with and it makes it easy to write a lot.

Introduction to Fluffy

So to start of I am Michael Rademeyer also know as Fluffy by my coworkers. I managed to complete a BComp degree specializing in Software Engineering from The Belgium Campus in Pretoria. I got a safe job (I will describe what I mean by this in a future post) at a company, my first job in fact, right out of university in 2017 which I have actually just left.

I have also started my own small company, which I will speak more of in future blogs as it gets moving.

This is my first post to introduce myself and my blog and hopefully you enjoyed the reading. Cant wait to write more.

Kind Regards,


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